North Cyprus Law | The Never Ending Story

North Cyprus Law | The Never Ending StoryWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Who remembers how close the Kulaksiz 5 case came to being thrown out by the same Judge who eventually ruled in their favour on the 4th December 2014?

It meant more angst and more expense for the cash strapped victims who have already been milked till they squeaked.

However, the case was eventually re-instated and we all now know the outcome as far as the District Court is concerned. It was found the mortgages put on by Akfinans Bank Limited were fraudulent, thus making the auction fraudulent. Did the Bank move out of my house….hell no. They appealed the decision, applied for and got a stay of execution on the decision and a court order barring me from going near my own property. Justice a la north Cyprus.

It is now nine months since Kulaksiz 5 won the judgement and they still wait for the date for the Appeal hearing the
bank petitioned for. You would be forgiven for thinking, this is all taking too long and even if they win at the Appeal, the Kulaksiz 5 still have many battles ahead. The end is not nigh, it is not even in the foreseeable future

I would caution anyone thinking of entering the north Cyprus legal system with a case….it is like the Hotel California you may enter, but you may never leave. Even if by some miracle you do get a judgement, enforcing it could prove impossible.

Pauline Read

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