North Cyprus Law | Recommending an Advocate

North Cyprus Law - Recommending an AdvocateWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Law – Recommending an Advocate

I recently received an inbox FaceBook message from a legal firm in Azerbaijan. The correspondent was asking for advice on advocates in north Cyprus, if I could recommend any. That of course is a very difficult question for me personally to answer.

He has a client who needs representation in north Cyprus but, like most of us, has found that getting information from most advocates is like get blood out of a stone. It seems that once you become a client and you have paid your fee up front, all responsibility to keep you informed goes out of the window. The only information you get has to be almost begged for. Sitting with you, discussing a strategy for your case is unknown.

Keeping your client fully informed should be a top priority of any legal professional and in most civilised countries it is. Why then do the majority of advocates in north Cyprus think it is acceptable not to communicate wit their client?

The only exception to this, in my experience has been the current K5 legal representative, who allowed me to photocopy the whole of the K5 file.

In my role as admin to two support groups, I do get asked for recommendations for advocates, it is a big responsibility if you do recommend someone. Look at at what happened when ‘Fatboy’ sold me his bill of goods.

Pauline Read

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7 comments to North Cyprus Law | Recommending an Advocate

  • Polly Marples

    Talking of Fatboy…aka Mehmet Kaptan Bensen… can someone that fat stay hidden for so long?

    Another of life’s mysteries rivalling the disappearance of Shergar

  • Cyprus Sue

    I think a common mistake in Cyprus is to believe that a good solicitor will lead to a successful outcome. However the real problem lies with the law which is woolly and subject to many interpretations, corruption, nepotism and cronyism. The best of the best cannot succeed against this.

    Personally I would not recommend any TRNC advocate. Personal feedback from many over many years leads me to believe that success when buying is more down to the developer you have chosen and his honesty and integrity than any input from your legal representative.

    At the end of the day, there is no law that demands that the builder hands over the deeds upon completion, so if your developer decides to take this route (as so many have) there is nothing your advocate can do except subject you to many years of expensive legal battles that may still result in an unsatisfactory outcome.

    Best advice is to rent, not buy and keep well clear of Cypriot Advocates, North or South.

  • fluter

    That is exactly right Sue. I would not recommend any lawyer that I or friends have engaged in TRNC.

    Basically, they simply don’t want to do anything, or take responsibility for anything. Communicating might involve them in activity, therefore they do not do it.

    When I sold my house I had to do practically everything that I would expect a lawyer to do.

  • Polly Marples

    The elite on the island are corrupt, the legal system useless, the property sector on its knees, where it belongs.

    Do not buy in Cyprus….north or south.

  • Polly Marples

    This is what fatboy was telling us when he was after our money

    Mehmet Kaptan Bensen

  • cyprusishome

    Conveyancing is a relatively straight forward legal task in most instances. This is what a large number of alleged legally qualified people in Girne assumed 10 years ago. They had read their legal books while studying for their BA in law and thought whhooppee we can make lots of money from foreign buyers.

    The problem is that most had no idea of the systems operating in North Cyprus. I actually put a couple to the test, already knowing the answers myself I wanted to know what they would come up with in helping others. What a failure of course.

    Of course some people will say how wonderful ***** and others were because they dealt with some more honest builders. However when a problem arose it became “headless chicken” mode without a clue how to resolve situations or even know where to look for answers. Then the same ***** become public enemy number one and will get slagged at every turn.

    The simplistic answer is Girne lawyers should be avoided. Lefkosa lawyers can be found that know what they are doing but I do not know any.

  • Polly Marples

    I think the safest view of all TRNC/ROC advocates/lawyers is to approach with care, never carry your cheque book/credit/debit card or cash into their office because you will leave poorer and no wiser.