North Cyprus Forums | What Makes a Good Forum?

What makes a good forum?

I have just done a trawl of Cyprus Forums resulting in my usual yawns at their contents. Love it or hate it Cyprus44 was a much loved forum, the sheer number of forum members and their commitment over many years was testimony to its success. Sadly there are no longer any forums that match the variety of topics, discussions and wealth of information that C44 offered.

I feel that some of the existing forums suffer from being too cliquey, their users being so like minded that if one person happens to have a different outlook they are ostracised. Lively debate, lots of different opinions and a variety of topics are in my opinion what make a good forum. Not the same stuff over and over again. There is also a problem with over moderation and moderators being so biased that all interesting debate is stifled.

What in your opinion makes a good forum?

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8 comments to North Cyprus Forums | What Makes a Good Forum?

  • Polly Marples

    You are absolutely right Sue.

    Embargoed forum which I believe was started by the same guy who ran C44 was virtually forced to be closed by the same set of people who caused the downfall of C44. It is sad that in this world there are those who will always spoil a good thing because they are incapable of allowing others to enjoy it.

    Kibkom is just a nothingness, run by Soner who is as open minded a glued down copy of Declaration of Human Rights and his potty mods all sound as if they are a sandwich short of a picnic.

    The other forums are just as lack lustre.

  • cyprusishome

    I thought c44 was a good forum spoilt be “do gooders”. There was often “fights” that I would not dream of getting involved in just leaving the protagonists to get on with it. If the “do gooders” had done the same instead of whinging and moaning to moderators demanding people be banned then c44 may have survived.

    IMO forums are like television, if you do not like the content of a program you use the thing called the off switch!

    Unfortunately there are no forums left where a good debate can take place and consequently many of the people who made c44 live and grow have given up and we normal forum viewers who enjoyed their banter are the worse for that.

  • fluter

    I still believe that C44 was closed down by order from above, at the request of someone else.

    That is why, as I recall, all the banning towards the end was done by the “most helpful member”.

    I was banned for asking why someone else had been banned.

  • Polly Marples

    Yes. I believe you are right fluter. I was banned because they ‘cocked up’ my e mail address.

    If your face doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit.

  • Cyprus Sue

    Agree with all said. When you think of the rich history of Cyprus, the political implications of the islands future, the current economical climate and the turmoil currently being witnessed in Turkey, it beggars belief that most forums topics relate to shopping, eating or dog welfare!

  • Polly Marples

    Boring forums for boring people.

  • AM

    Moderators ruin forums…. fact

    I have been around the Cyprus forum scene since the very early days of 44 and most of the problems that have arisen on all forums are moderators antagonizing squabbling members.

    I am a member of a few other forums totally unconnected to Cyprus and they are the same,… if a mod doesn’t like the way a subject is moving then its pulled.
    In the early days 44 was alive with debate some good some not so good but it was vibrant and entertaining and gradually it was deprived of life until it died … shame really.

  • fluter

    Yes, I remember that. Blatantly deliberate.