North Cyprus Law | Press Censorship Takes Sinister Turn

North Cyprus Law – Press Censorship Takes Sinister Turn

According to a translation of a Kibris Postasi (11.3.2014) article it is now illegal to publish any communication between two people without the permission of both the parties. To do so can bring up to 7 years imprisonment.

So, if a worker in a government office discovers an email between a senior civil servant and the owner of a company describing a bribe which would give the company beneficial treatment and this gets published in the press then the journalist goes to prison. If another journalist discovers a communication between a senior figure in the police or judiciary and that senior civil  servant discussing a bribe for not prosecuting the civil servant for corruption, and the journalist publishes it then the journalist goes to jail.

If such a law really existed in order to allow such wide-scale corruption to go unchecked then there would be no chance for north Cyprus in the free world.  The fact that such a law would be unconstitutional, Article 26 – Freedom of the Press, would seem to have escaped lawmakers.

Freedom of the Press:

Article 26

The press and publication are free for all citizens and shall not be subjected to censorship.

The State shall take the necessary measures to ensure the freedom of the press and of receiving information.’

Harmonisation with the EU, this is not! That’s why I believe this must have been misreported. Why make it criminal to report a crime which if it turns out to be false then there are adequate civil remedies available, as K5 and others have discovered?

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