North Cyprus Law | Permanent Residence Permit Draft Bill

North Cyprus Law - Permanent Residence Permit Draft BillNorth Cyprus Ortam newspaper (09.06.15) reports that the Permanent Residence Permit Draft Bill has been published in the Official Gazette” on June 5th and that comments are welcome during a period of 20 days.

The Draft Bill proposes that foreigners who are living in the TRNC, and have had work permits for 6 years, have the right to apply for a Permanent Residence Permit as soon as they complete the 6th year of their stay in the TRNC.

For me the important phrase is ‘right to apply.’ There is no automatic entitlement to the permit. It is also important to realise that this has nothing to do with obtaining citizenship and the right to vote, amongst other important rights. All the permanent resident is really getting is the right to avoid the paperwork and costs involved in applying for a permit each year. As for protection, the TRNC government can revoke the permit if it wishes, just as it can take away a foreigner’s citizenship if it wants.

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