North Cyprus Law | NCFP Articles Not Libelous

North Cyprus Law - NCFP Articles Not LibelousWITHOUT  PREJUDICE

You may recall that I received four Libel Writs courtesy of Akfinans Bank Limited for my alleged libelous blogs in North Cyprus Free Press.

My Advocate persuaded the court to hear these four writs as one case.

Today the District court found in my favour.

This means that only the Ada TV appearance Libel case is outstanding and because of the ill health of Agile and the advocate Mehmet Kaptan Bensen sacking me at the last court appearance I made, I have no idea how this case is progressing.

The bank will of course have the opportunity of appealing this decision and because they have an endless supply of money, I expect they will.

I will supply more detail as and when I get it.

Pauline Read

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