North Cyprus Law | Censorship Blocks the Truth

North Cyprus Law – Censorship Blocks the Truth

Censorship, no matter how it is disguised, is ugly and usually ineffective. People become keener to know what it is you do not want them to know than if it was left uncensored and as we all are aware, it will always get out.

The draconian measures being taken by Turkey are too late anyway.

It takes me personally back to the measure used against me and frankly as a little old lady were laughable anyway:

Oct 14, 2010 … hot off the press pauline read was arrested and charged &computer seized! Today. (…) => Hot of which press?! Can you be more specific, …

This had over 6000 hits and 254 comments, if I had been left alone no one would have been interested.

You have read of my many ‘adventures,’ my pseudo arrests, the scare tactics of phone calls from the secret police and so many attempts to silence me. When will they ever learn….it does not work. The 14th October 2010 for me was the beginning of the persecution, it has never ended.

Censorship in any form never works, information leaks simply because people have the right to know and there will always be those brave enough to make sure they get to know.

So Laura the laptop still languishes in Girne nick and yes, my tongue is very much in my cheek since I believe Laura did not spend too much time there before she became someone’s Christmas/Birthday present.

Isn’t the internet wonderful? If you have something to say, you can say it and within seconds, the free world will read/hear it.

There are those who perpetuate the rumour that I have been deported. I have not. I am as free to come and go to north Cyprus as anyone else. I still have a visitor’s residency stamp in my passport which remains valid until September 2014. I have not been killed in a car crash as some would have you believe. I am in the UK at the moment and my future plans are on hold until Agile is well again.

Will I continue to campaign for purchasers rights.?…of course.

Pauline Read

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