North Cyprus Consumer | Check Your Internet Provider

North Cyprus Consumer – Check Your Internet Provider

Kibris newspaper (26.02.14) contradicted a recent Cyprus Today article which said that Turkey’s new Internet Laws would not affect Internet Service Providers (ISP) in north Cyprus. Kibris reports that Ahmet Kasif, TRNC Minister of Public Works and Transportation, explained that ISPs that use servers based in Turkey may be affected by the new regulation.

Those who use Turkcell or Telsim dongles to access the internet could also find problems accessing websites the Turkish government decides people should not be allowed to read. You can check to see if your ISP is using a Turkish server by accessing Vimeo, recently banned, and see if they get this message

“The website they are trying to reach has been restricted by the No 2014723 order of Istanbul 10th Peace Crime Court on January 8, 2014”.

If you do get this message then you can either use a free VPN like Google’s Project Shield, not ready yet, or change ISP.

Turkey has also banned Soundcloud when phone tap recordings were uploaded there revealing alleged corruption in the Turkish government.

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