North Cyprus Government | Kudret Ozersay’s Government Role

North Cyprus Government | Kudret Ozersay's Government RoleWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Government – Kudret Ozersay’s Government Role

Not so very long ago Mr Ozersay was calling on us to support his movement for a transparent, open, honest Government.  It would seem he is now acting for the new coalition Government as a roaming Ambassador. Well I personally wish him well.  However there seems to be little sign of improvement in the lives of ordinary TRNC citizens. Let us hope Mr Ozersay with his important new role can change that. Just an observation on my part of course.

Özersay evaluated Moscow visit

As part of his contacts, Özersay said that he had met with the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s 4th Department in Charge of European Affairs Andrey Maslov as well as other high ranking officials dealing with Cyprus Affairs. Explaining that he had found the opportunity to conduct productive meetings with officials from the Russian Federation which was one of the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council, Özersay highlighted the importance of conveying the positions of the Turkish Cypriot Side to international actors. He said that it was very important that international actors perceived these positions correctly.”

Let us hope these talks yield some results for the people of TRNC and an end to the isolation and embargoes on its people.

Pauline Read


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