Toparlaniyoruz Are Asking You To Sign a Contract

ContractThe advent of the above movement on the face of it looks like a breath of fresh air for north Cyprus. To succeed the endemic population and the ex-pats need to throw their full support behind it.

The architect of this new and innovative movement is Kudret Ozersay. Today I bring you the English version of the Social Contract prepared by Toparlaniyoruz. Kudret bey has judged the mood of all the people in north Cyprus and if you feel as he does, please sign this Contract. Change is needed and change must come.

There are meetings to explain what this group is all about and the next one is Wednesday 29th August 2012 at 19.30, the venue is N’joy Cafe (Yenikent Lefkosa).

I am assured this is not a political party but they are pushing the politicians and political parties to ‘do the right thing’. It would be wonderful for a leader to emerge who possesses the qualities to push the aims of this group forward but within his own political party.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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