North Cyprus Tapu Treating Pauline Read Unfairly


There has been a certain amount of misunderstanding about what happens when a property goes to auction and the part the Tapu plays in the procedure. Since Pauline Read has seen this from both sides, that of having the Tapu come to her villa in Karsiyaka for the purpose of valuing it for the Auction instigated by Akfinans Bank Limited, and actually ferrying the Tapu official to the properties she was given memorandums on when she won her Breach of Contract Action on 6th November 2009, I think this article resurrected from the time she did have her Memorandum actioned by the Judge and a forced sale ordered will explain what does happen.

It seems when the Bank obtains a forced sale order the Bank tells the Tapu to jump and the Tapu replies ‘how high?’ When Pauline Read asks her Advocate Naomi Mehmet to chase the Tapu, Ms Mehmet replies that she is not allowed to. Ms Mehmet has refused to act for Ms Read any more and the reasons, and the reason she gave her services free of charge, will be revealed in the book ‘You Could Not Make It Up’. Pauline Read did however pay all stamp duties and incidental expenses in her case(s). It also seems that almost three years on, Pauline Read is no nearer to obtaining her court award through a forced sale and was probably wise to adopt the belt and braces attitude when she joined the domestic cases and ECHR case with the other Kulaksiz 5 victims.

Pauline Read is not popular with the current regime and from an outsider’s point of view, they are doing everything in their power to wear her down and silence her. As you can see it is working – not!

Never give in never give up

O B Joyful

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