No Justice For Little Billy | Animal Cruelty Couple Acquitted

No Justice For Little Billy | Animal Cruelty Couple AcquittedWithout Prejudice

You will recall my writing about the alleged appalling actions of some hotel employees throwing a stray dog live into a box crusher.

‘A manager and two hotel workers have been suspended after a dog was thrown into a garbage crusher.

The two workers at the hotel in Cyprus have been questioned by police after horrified animal lovers staged a protest march.

The one-year-old dog, known as Billy, was found by British tourists, taken to a vet but died a few days after the incident at the Anastasia Hotel in Protaras.’ ¹

There was an outcry in the Republic of Cyprus and promises made of improvement in animal welfare.

We who have lived in Cyprus and witnessed some appalling incidences of animal cruelty were heartened to hear
that even the President was shocked and promised action.

I am sorry to say, there is no justice for little Billy….and I suspect very little has changed for other strays like him.

‘Two hotel employees who threw stray dog ‘Little Billy’ into a cardboard crusher while it was alive last year, were acquitted on Wednesday following a decision by Famagusta district court.’²

When you are considering where to spend your hard earned money on your annual holiday….bear this is mind.

Pauline Read


¹  Daily Mirror
²  Cyprus Mail

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9 comments to No Justice For Little Billy | Animal Cruelty Couple Acquitted

  • fluter

    No surprise there, then.

  • Miltiades

    This couple should have at least be ….sentenced to 40 lashes!!

    Cruelty to animals can not be tolerated in a civilized country.

    Attitudes towards animals in Cyprus have changed a great deal since my young days, thanks mainly to foreigners, British mainly, Charlies such as I, and the influx of many Russians who do care about animals.

    Constant campaigns against animal cruelty have been seen in many schools, it starts from a young age, young children are being taught that animals have feelings too. My grandchildren in Limassol have a dog, a parrot, a guinea pig and a ….turtle !!

    They adore them all and treat with love and care.

  • Ian Edwards

    The kids all sound like pleasant little people, Yiannis.

    How come you’re such a nasty old knobber?

  • Miltiades

    Your opinon! Also that of other lowdown cheapskates!
    Standing up for ones country is not either a crime or despicable. Part of my country is under occupation by Turkey, you lot have thrown your full support behind the occupier, what on earth do you expect from me, politeness and …compassion ?

    Lets see what 2016 has in store for you lot!!

  • AM

    I was lead to believe that the Turkish Cypriot’s ran their own affairs in the North with a little financial help from Turkey.

    A bit like the ROC with a little help from the EU ?

  • Miltiades

    Rubbish !
    Turkey runs the show you stupid man.

  • AM

    Can you name me one member of the TRNC government that is Turkish ?

    Just one will do. 🙂

  • Miltiades

    Get it in your head ! The “trnc” was created by Turkey, the puppet so called ” government” dances to the tune of Turkey on whom the ” trnc” relies for its financial survival and all other requirements that are necessary in order to function, ie mail, flights, exports, imports etc etc.

    A solution will not be found or agreed upon for as long as this progressively “Islamitized ” nation insists on being given guarantor rights over the entire island.

    Things are not looking that good for Turkey right now more so with its recent stupidity of downing a Russian aircraft. The T/Cs are not entirely happy with the continued occupation and gross interference by Turkey.

  • AM

    You would have thought with all this bad feeling among the TC’s they would have packed up and gone to live in the “beautiful” south ?