The Truth About North Cyprus Property Settlement Criteria?

The Truth About North Cyprus Property Settlement Criteria?According to Bayrak TV(online, 08.12.15), North Cyprus President Mustafa Akinci said that the truth about the North Cyprus Property settlement criteria has not yet been revealed and therefore there is no clear picture regarding the property issue. The negotiating teams of the two sides are still working on these criteria and Akinci called on the public not to pay attention to reports in the press, including the recent Havadis report regarding the property issue.

“We are trying to do what is best for our people. The people should listen to what we have to say. In the end it will be the people who will decide”, he said. “I need to examine if the documents published are in fact genuine. We send copies of these documents to the parliament but we are not under any obligation to explain them to anyone”.

Referring to the concept of ‘first application‘ Akinci argued that this was different from ‘first right of say‘.

“Of course the first application will be made by the owner of the property. This is only natural. I believe that some will be demanding compensation at the very beginning. But it doesn’t mean that when the first title deed owner wants his or her property back that there will be restitution. This issue will be solved entirely through the criteria to be determined”, Akinci explained.

Akinci said that the Turkish Cypriot side had insisted that the majority of property ownership in the Turkish Cypriot constituent state should belong to the Turkish Cypriots and added: “This is clearly stated in standing UN parameters agreed at the beginning of the 90s”.

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1 comment to The Truth About North Cyprus Property Settlement Criteria?

  • Polly Marples

    That’s okay Mr Akinci. We do not believe anything we read or anything a politician says or indeed even that the world is round.

    Glad you are looking after your people…double, triple, quadruple dipping is fine…as long as ‘your’ people are taken care of. The idea of the corrupt, idle, thieving barstewards losing out would really bother us.