Cyprus Today | 31/7/2013

Cyprus Today | 31/7/2013Cyprus Today | 31/7/2013

New Coalition Era For North – see NCFP for the same news

‘Pay to Play Music or Risk Legal Action’ – according to the south’s branch of the PRS. Editor: they’ll wait until the north is recognised and then take action, I reckon. That’s if the music being played isn’t out of copyright by then.

Airport Televises Road RulesEditor: apparently it is illegal to drive a motorcycle without a helmet! They must have got that wrong because every day I pass dozens of motorcyclists on the roads without helmets.

Caretaker PM Siber Tops the List of Voters’ Favourites – Sibel Siber received a total of 24,800 votes, more than any other candidate, followed by newcomer Tufan Erhurman, head of the social movement Constitutional Initiative. Editor: that means the electorate want Sibel as PM!

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