North Cyprus Elections | Importance of CTP’s Sibel Siber

North Cyprus Elections | Importance of CTP's Sibel SiberWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Elections | Importance of CTP’s Sibel Siber

Whilst the dust settles and the post election jockeying for position continues, let us hope the CTP party are aware enough to realise just what a ‘gem’ they have in Mrs Sibel Siber. Let us pray that this country realises this too, regardless of which person or party they voted for.

I do believe God puts us all where he wants us to be. I am apolitical, the party she is a member for is not the reason I see something special in her, it is the woman I recognise as ‘A woman of Substance’. She does not appear to court popularity and for this reason she has, in a very short time become very popular.

I have been cautioned not to expect too much from one person, but sometimes as history shows a person emerges who is ‘special’ and I think it may well be north Cyprus’s time to be blessed with such a person.

To me any person of substance who is a true patriot will:

  • Embrace his/her individuality;
  • Use his/her voice to proclaim the need for change and see it through;
  • Shun the dishonest, expose them and where necessary prosecute them;
  • Be a role model we all can look up to;
  • Change that which is wrong and improve that which is good but tarnished.

There is so much that is wonderful about north Cyprus and with a strong Government this country can be a beacon for all and a reason good honest citizens and guests who live here get up in the morning, knowing their lives are improving and that their country is worth a few sacrifices for the greater good.

God Bless north Cyprus.

Pauline Ann Read




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