They’re dying to get out, in the south

Fo those who doubt the hereafter, heaven, paradise or even hell and say ‘when you’re dead, you’re dead’ you might like to think again. Read the report below. I guess it could start a new trend, we have all heard of Wedding rehearsals, but Funeral rehearsals??

Woman a NO show at her own funeral

Nicosia (Reuters) – The grave was dug, the hearse hired and the mourners assembled but an 85 year old Cypriot woman spoiled the plans for her funeral by coming back from the dead.

Newspapers reported that Evdokia Petrou was pronounced dead at a nursing home in the town of Paphos on the island of Cyprus Thursday before sharp-eyed doctors at a local hospital found that she had only slipped into a coma. But relatives had heard the exaggerated report of her demise and made plans for her funeral, even calling members abroad to come home for the sad event “I was told whe was dying so I went to get a priest for the last rites” said her son, Rolandos Kyraikou. “When I returned employees at the nursing home told me she had just died. They lifted her limp wrist to show no pulse”, he said

Petrou was recovering in an intensive care ward.

“I don’t know whether to laugh or cry” he said

I guess that explains all those scratch marks on the insides of coffins over there…”

Never give in and never give up could not be more appropriate.

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