No sex please, we’re the TRNC!

Oh dear, here we go again. It seems that the TRNC have a penchant for getting into the news, for all the wrong reasons.

Members of the European Parliament are demanding the immediate release of three gay men who were arrested in their homes for “having sexual intercourse against the order of nature.”

The M.E.Ps claim the their arrests and detention are in breach of International Law and a individual’s right to a private life. Why, you might ask, with all the internal unrest here in the TRNC, do they keep inviting such public condemnation? The Unions appear to be in conflict with the Government.

Foreign homebuyers most certainly are upset with the Government, witness the need for such groups as the Home Buyers Pressure Group, Make North Cyprus Better Movement and the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group.

Would it not be prudent to bring the laws here into line with International Law so that the TRNC is ready to join the rest of the world when recognition comes, as it surely must.

Because the rest of the world, with the exception of Turkey, refuses to recognise the existence of the TRNC it is not a reason to stay in the the 20th century. We are in the 21st century. The treatment of these Gay men and all Gay people is in direct breach of their Human Rights. Turkey is signed up to the principles of the European Court of Human Rights, indeed the many many property related cases now being taken to the ECHR have cited Turkey as the defendant, why? Well the clue is in the name of this beautiful country – TURKISH Republic of Northern Cyprus.

It clearly is time for the TRNC to join the global family, and like all families it is a mix of people with different opinions and different lifestyles, so let us embrace them all, the heterosexuals, the bisexuals and the homosexuals, as the French would say ‘Vive la difference’.

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