The tale of buying a new bed

Deer HeadIt is good to be back despite all the problems. I tiptoed through the airport last night hoping I wouldn’t get a tap on the shoulder, I didn’t. Paranoia, maybe but remember, I am still awaiting a summons and they still have poor Laura the laptop in custody.

It was good to visit family in the U.K. and touch base with old friends but as far as I am concerned now, TRNC is my home for as long as I am allowed to stay here. It could be argued that if I towed the party line, never mentioned the injustices and turned a blind eye to all that has happened to me and so many others, I would have no problems. Very true, but thankfully, I seem to be immune to HISS.

Something very amusing happened to my aged aunt and her husband whilst I was visiting. My aunt, who I will call Ethel (not her real name) and my uncle who I will call Harold (also not his real name) decided to order two new beds. Now Ethel and Harold have not slept in the same room for some time due to age and health; Ethel is in her 80th year and Harold his 82nd year. The shop Bensons (which is the real name), diligently took their order, assured them they would remove the old beds and supply the new beds on the same day. Ethel was therefore not at all fazed when a van arrived to take away the old beds and expected the new beds to arrive pretty soon after the old ones had been bid a fond farewell.

She waited and waited, no beds appeared, she decided she had better ring Bensons, “no they told her, your beds will arrive in a few days time.” She pointed out that their men had taken away the old beds so where were they supposed to sleep. Bensons assistant suggested that they go and get their old beds back. Now the old beds had been taken, according to the men taking them, to the local authority tip. Ethel soon let it be known that sleeping on a bed that had been consigned to the a skip at the local rubbish tip was most definitely not an option. It was decided that Bensons would loan them a King sized bed for the time being until their own beds could be delivered.

The King sized bed was in situ when I visited Harold and Ethel. It is just as well they have a sense of humour. They needed a stool to step on in order to climb into bed as it was higher that they had expected, they assured me that for the first time ever they could see out of the window whilst sitting in bed. Ethel told me that Harold had a habit of sitting up in bed in the middle of the night and laughing out loud, then without waking, snuggle back down. Now how annoying must that be, especially as Harold never remembers his dreams? Whatever else happened in this enforced ‘bed share’ is between Harold and Ethel and I thought is wise not to ask. Naturally my sister couldn’t resist the opportunity to give a good rendition of Meryl Streep in Mama Mia, she is only 68 and can bounce on a bed with the best of them. I don’t think Harold and Ethel minded too much.

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