Greek Cypriots finally recognise break away State

Just when Israel thought they were getting on so well with south Cyprus, President Christofias decided to unilaterally recognise the Israeli occupied State of Palestine as an independant state. Israel now fears that Spain, Belgium, Ireland and Scandinavian countries will be the next to join South American countries in recognising  Palestinian with its capital Jerusalem.

Palestine’s right to recognition was, according to international lawyer Thomas D. Grant, based upon the UN General Assembly’s Resolution 3314 (XXIX) (1974) which provides:

“that any entity (even an illegal one like the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) which is the target of aggression may be legally termed a State – without regard to recognition or UN membership – and benefit from the protections contained in article 2(4) of the UN Charter regarding the use of force or the threat of force by other states. The UN Treaty Organization says that portions of the General Assembly’s definition have been judged to be declarative of customary international law by the International Court of Justice.”

Well that’s a useful precedent for the North Cyprus State!

Source: Jerusalem Post (30/1/2011)


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