The Mystery of the Tripping Switch


That Halil Ersoy, the builder who built my villa did everything on the cheap, is something I have known from the day he walked off the job when I took him to task on that very issue. The old Turkish Cypriot adage being proved beyond a doubt ‘do for me, do for you’. “This is Cyprus”, something spouted at me by another so called ‘professional’ is not something I agree with or accept. Are we really expected to accept that somehow Turkish and Turkish Cypriot workmen were born with a lower intellect and therefore not able to do better and give a better quality of workmanship. Absolute cobblers and for an English professional to spout such garbage beggars belief. If you expect less, if you accept less, then nothing will ever change.

Now last Friday we experienced a 16 hour power cut. When the power eventually returned we had a fuse that started to trip, intermittently at first but then more regularly. On Saturday an electrician came, tested, put in a new 32 amp fuse and when he left all seemed well. But no, it started tripping again.

Agile and I kept hearing loud bangs, we assumed it was perhaps a bird flying into the full length window in the living room, looked outside but found no dazed or dead birds anywhere. I was sitting near that window when I heard the bang yet again, it coincided with the fuse tripping and seemed to come from a joint socket area in the wall, sockets we never use. The rogue fuse has now tripped and cannot be put back on, however any attempt to do so causes a loud bang in the wall behind the sockets we never use. A job for’ pollymarples’.

The surround that houses the fuse box looks of reasonable quality, however the electrician who came on Saturday assures me that all the fuses and hot bar are the cheapest available on the island.

This morning, we are waiting for the electrician to arrive to see if he can fix our problem. The fuse involved is to the TV, my laptop and printer, the water cooler/heater, and is the most used of all in the box. At present there is nothing on this circuit, all plugs etc are removed but still the fuse will not go back up into the on position.

All the appliances do work when plugged into another socket not on the same circuit.

So my fuse has become a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Sorry Mr Churchill, adapted to fit my problem.

Pauline Ann Read



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