North Cyprus Property | Free Legal Advice in North Cyprus


It is with great pleasure I can announce the setting up of a new Facebook Group page. Free LEGAL Advice in North Cyprus, (FLANC), particularly about North Cyprus Property problems.

A vehicle where those with legal questions can go to get answers, and just like is says on the label, for FREE. There is no membership fee, no strings attached. If you wish to discuss your problem more privately then you can inbox the fully qualified (TRNC recognised qualifications) Law degree holding Advocate.

There are plans for the future. Premises are being sought with a face to face facility to consult with a qualified legal professional, although this may have to be limited to one free consultation. We are also thinking of a forum where all consumer questions can be addressed too.

This is very new and I am very excited to be in on the ground floor. Obviously not all problems can be solved by asking questions and if after seeking advice you wish to go further and take legal action, our expert will advise you of his terms. It is now common knowledge that I have engaged his services and I can assure you all his terms are very fair, he sets down clearly what you get and what is extra. Best of all, he has ten years experience in law in the TRNC. No newcomer by any means.


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