The Kwality of North Cyprus Journalists’ Spellcheckers

The standard of journalism in north Cyprus can perhaps be laid at the door of the journalists, in some cases. Here are a couple of classics from one lady who is a legend in her own lunchtime.

On the subject of dangerous dogs:

Re: Another attack by a dangerous dog

“‘Faraway places with strange sounding names’ – a line from a song years ago that came to mind when trying to spell Karsiyaka! Lovely stuff.

to be serious, the lady must report to the police. I know sometimes they seem heartless and uncaring, but in the main they DO care. also, I know not everyone agrees, but do report this to KAR because they do have a data base they keep and everything that is recorded might just be of value in the future.

Please giv e her my synpathy and wish her well soon. This is the second case I have heard where a leg has been mauled. It happened to a lady in Kyrenia. doubt it wasthe same dog, but you never know.

what always amazes me is that one expects behaviour from dogs superior to we humans. If wwe humans can sense fear and act out rage, then we must realise that dogs do too (any animal), and that is why it is so often said that there are no bd dogs, only bad owners. That doesn’t change anything, but next time i could be a child. so it mustbe recorded and follow up enquirries made.”

On the subject of the Orams

“whatever happened to them *****. Did they win anyuthing in the end?”

Yes I know comment one is bad enough, comment two was from a so called journalist… pllllllease.

Both of these comments are from a day or two ago. No wonder I do not buy English language newspapers.

N. O. N. Sense

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