Popular Science News | Impact of Smoking Ban

Popular Science News – even though it may be a little early to start measuring the impact of smoking bans around the world, figures are starting to appear confirming their benefits. There appears to have been around a 15% cut in strokes and heart attacks in areas where a smoking ban is in force. In some areas, as much as a 30% drop was experienced and although no clear cause-and-effect link was given, to me it looks as if the benefit is experienced more in areas containing a concentration of heavy smokers or the weather is poorer than average.

As a non smoker who tolerates smoking around me, I’ve been told that one of the main times that smokers chain smoke is when they are drinking alcohol. The need to smoke outside cuts down the number of cigarettes smoked, especially if the weather is cold, wet or both. It will be interesting, over time, to see if the life expectancy of smokers in smoker-friendly North Cyprus drops markedly compared to their smoker friends living in the UK, particularly the colder northern regions.

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