‘Teens Unite Fighting Cancer’ charity fundraising for Ediz Seymen

Ediz receiving treatment

After reading about the plight of Ediz Seymen you will have heard how incredibly brave this young man is. He has successfully battled cancer twice since the age of 15 – now he is 18.

He has recently had the devastating news that he has relapsed again although the cancer this time is more aggressive than ever. He has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

He has received fantastic support from the ‘Teens Unite Fighting Cancer’ charity and this appeal has been organised using their good name. A specialist cancer treatment unit has been identified in Wurzburg, Germany and Ediz is due to go there for some intensive treatment. They have high hopes that he will respond positively to the treatment and beat the cancer again. The cost of the treatment is being met by the hospital but Edz and his mother will need to stay in Germany for 6 months, which is the duration of the treatment. At this moment in time they have no where to stay so they will need to fund their own accommodation for this period.

We can help to make a difference with this appeal. Ediz is an extraordinary young man who deserves all our support. Please give as generously as possible to help to give Ediz the gift of life. Ediz and all those close to him would like to thank you for reading this and for any support you provide.

Donate at www.justgiving.com/EdizSeymen
Thank you, Fevzi Hussein

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