Robin’s Snippets – 29/6/2010

It has been reported that the Turkish Cypriot businessman Asil Nadir has leased the Northern Cypriot airport Gecitkale (Gr. Lefkoniko) for the next 15 years. The airport was used militarily up until 2004 and after a two year refurbishment programme has been approved for airfreight and aircraft maintenance. In the first year Asil Nadir’s company will pay €1,631,000 there-after €1.6 million plus 3% interest. The village has a population of approx 1,300 and lies about 25 km from Famagusta.

According to Politis, Limassol is soon, along with the Danish town of Sønderborg, to be a joint candidate for European Culture centre in 2017. Limassol with its 172,000 inhabitants (est.) is the second largest town in the Republic of Cyprus. Referring to sites to see, the newspaper lists the “Turkish quarter,” the archaeological museum and the museums of Folkculture and Middle Ages.

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