Atlas-Jet’s CTA takeover back on?

I ignored a rumour yesterday that the Atlas-Jet takeover (50.01% of shares) was back on and that documents had been signed and $50m had been somehow injected into the deal. The source seemed certain and said that this was common news, but obviously not to those with tickets to fly. That was yesterday and now a little more information is beginning to emerge from Cyprus44 today:

“Just had a call from our travel agent to say our flight tomorrow from Ercan is going. Obviously the return has not been sorted yet. Did not have chance to ask for further details because they are trying to contact as many as possible asap. This is one of those occasions where booking at travel agents wins over on line booking.

GOOD LUCK to all those waiting to travel.”

Atlas-Jet last week had taken over CTA’s flights for a while but then suspended them when Union action looked likely to disrupt the business they were about to takeover. If the deal is back on then Atlas-Jet should be the first port of call for those who don’t have a travel agent to contact. As a regular user of online booking, after a local travel put up the price of my tickets when I went to collect them, I am am beginning to reconsider my position and will perhaps go back to a travel agent in the future. Any travel agents out there want to tell the readers about their service?

Story confirmed at

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