Pauline Read Has No Doubt Who Hijacked Her Emails

I suppose this pathetic attempt to slow Pauline Read down was inevitable, following on as it does all the other pathetic attempts.

Pauline tells me that she considers every attempt to silence her as a major success. She certainly does seem to be getting up some noses, big time. I am sure you are all aware of the Unions response to Maggie Thatcher was if she gets up your nose “PICKET”. Well Pauline, there is an idea. Picket the Government Office that allegedly thinks it has the right to VIOLATE your Human Rights by conducting a Political Investigation into your life without one shred of evidence that you are in any way a threat to this country. Find out where the bug on your phone was authorised and set up a picket there too.

Pauline tells me she is getting to grips with the enormity of the attempt today to introduce a virus into the systems of many of her friends in her Yahoo address book. The addresses included Advocates, Ambassadors, many many newspapers and of course her friends and supporters. She tells me she has updated her virus protection and changed her passwords.

She is under no illusions where this attack and all the other attacks on her emanate from. I asked her if this frightens her, she said yes. I asked her if this will stop her, her answer “what do you think?”

Pauline Read has asked me to express her regret to her friends and colleagues from her address book and her hope that they have not been inconvenienced by this needless and totally childish act.

Pandora S Box

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