Lord Maginnis Allegedly Makes Homophobic Remarks

According to Pink News, it seems that staunch North Cyprus supporter Lord Maginnis has allegedly been speaking out of turn. Lord Maginnis is reported to have uttered homophobic remarks regarding gay relationships.

The leader of Ulster Unionist Party has withdrawn the party whip from Lord Maginnis after he allegedly described homosexuality as ‘unnatural and deviant,’ and a ‘rung on the ladder to bestiality.’

Lord Maginnis who is a property owner in North Cyprus has done much to help and support Property Victims and indeed appeared on the DVD that ***DELETED*** Bank are allegedly so aggrieved at, namely Banks Behaving Badly.

Clearly no stranger to controversy, Lord Maginnis will no doubt weather this storm. Let us hope the press do not make him their whipping boy.

I resist the urge to comment on the North Cyprus Homophobic Laws and Lord Maginnis’s apparent agreement with them.

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