North Cyprus New Years Eve 2004

New Years EveIn the evening of 31st December 2004 we had discussed what we wanted to do. We had thought about going for the whole sit down do but we have done that here before and as a lot of Turkish come over for New Year, it is always very ‘tiara and tinsel’ and then the singers come on and sing Turkish songs which everyone joins in with except us Brits. So, having seen a sign at the Corner Bistro (Cyprus Queen now) saying they were having an open buffet, we decided to walk down there. It is about 2 miles away but of course all down hill (on the way there). So, we started to leave at 8.30pm and decided not to take an enormous torch but instead took the medium sized one. That packed up before we reached the end of our drive. Back we went and we ended up with a tiny one. Where is the moon when we need it? Bear in mind, we had no street lights then, which we loved, except when we have to walk somewhere at night!

We walked down the road, with the minute beam from our tiny torch lighting, well nothing, it was about as much good as a chocolate fire guard. We walked through Incesu and past Açmenya restaurant and when I peeked in there at all the Turkish customers I noticed that the waiters all had Father Christmas hats on! The Cypriots seem to have it all muddled up and Father Christmas’s seem to be popping out from everywhere for New Years Eve. I was finding it amusing when whoops, suddenly I am lying on the floor. I know I wasn’t looking where I was going, and it was dark, but the next thing I know I had twisted my ankle, grazed my knee and hurt my back. Never mind it is New Years Eve.

On we go to the Corner Bistro and standing outside the restaurant we read their notice properly. The open buffet started at 19.00! It is now 21.00 and everyone is seated at tables. We decide this is not what we are looking for and so we headed back up to the Ranch Bar at Riverside. When we got in there, the bar was empty and didn’t look very promising but gradually Brits came down from the restaurant because they didn’t want any more ‘tiaras and tinsel” and Turkish sing a longs!

We had a few drinks, in fact quite a few Brandy Sours, which made the walk back up the hill much more enjoyable and this time the moon was out, AND in spite of all the brandy sours, I stayed upright all the way home. Mal however managed to walk into a road sign (??!!) and bent his glasses!

It must have been the invigorating walk but by the time we arrived back home we were starving. Mal kept joking that we would stop at the chippie on the way home and it really started my taste buds going. So, our first meal of 2005, in the early hours was egg and chips and we loved it!

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