Never a Dull Moment in Lefkosa

WITHOUT PREJUDICE | The Pesky Pair were out and about in Lefkosa early this morning, the first port of call the Ministry of the Interior but more about that as we hear of any progress.

We decided we would try for an ad hoc visit to the Prosecutor to see if there was any progress on the official complaint submitted to the Attorney General’s office on the 6th April 2012, in which allegations of criminal conspiracy were made against the Bank, the Builder and the Landowner with regard to the mortgage put on Kulaksiz 5 without the owners’ knowledge or consent.

Unfortunately the Prosecutor was not available but as with every mission the Pesky Pair undertake, this was not one without excitement. As we arrived we observed a man lying on the grass outside the courts. It would seem that had we been minutes earlier, we would have seen this man jump off the second floor balcony that surrounds the courts. I am pleased to say he was conscious and seemed to be accusing someone of taking all his money, same old story then. As far as I am aware, the man was either Turkish or Turkish Cypriot and as he was being carried away on a stretcher he was heard to say he had jumped from higher points when he was in the army. I had sort of worked out he was not too seriously hurt anyway, the clues = no blood and the fact that he kept lifting his head to make sure he had an audience and spout his many statements from his prone position. Took me right back to the K5 auction when the landowner’s brother-in-law had his pseudo heart attack and garnered much sympathy. He does not have much now since he and the other family members occupying the villas given in return for the land are apparently in no danger of loosing their homes to the Bank. If more evidence of a criminal conspiracy were needed, this is surely it.

We made other visits to supporters of the many victims in north Cyprus and we do have more support than the authorities realise.

I did learn other interesting information but I will pass that to one of the other contributors on NCFP. Suffice to say not everything is going the Bank’s way.

Never give in, never give up

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