Greek Cypriots Seek EU Bailout

The expected has happened, what a surprise.  The RoC have taken the begging bowl to the EU just as they are about to assume the rotating Presidency. Let us hope it does not rotate so fast they fall off and spill the contents of their begging bowl.

Even though this has come as no surprise and certainly the other side of the island is in no better state financially, it will I am sure be a dent in the Greek Cypriot pride of some of the posters on North Cyprus Free Press. We read that the cause is being laid at the door of Greece and the knock on effect of the RoC’s overexposure in that area.

Well no one will have to ‘beware of Greeks bearing gifts’ any time soon Quite the reverse, beware of begging letters bearing Greek or Greek Cypriot stamps.

Pandora S Box

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