Fairy Tale – The Money Goblin

I want to tell you a story. A story of double standards, and we’ll make it up as we go along.

Once upon a time there was a lovely lady and her knight. The fair lady Jolady and her knight Sir Jasper, found a truly wonderful love nest for her and her brave knight to dwell therein. Now the original owners had purchased this veritable castle from a rogue builder in the Kingdom of North Cyparius who had not yet received their Kocan. No problemo said the Advocate, I will write a three way contractus. Our so in love hero and heroine parted with their hard earned cash, paid their stamp duty and moved in to their love nest. Now because Lady Jolady and Sir Jasper had not been born in the Kingdom of North Cyparius, they needed Permission to Purchase from the Government..

Alright, alright, enough already, as time passed, in came the new law that allowed foreigners to register their Contract, which this couple did. Now sometime after that the law must have changed to make 3 way Contracts no longer legal. Fine, you are saying, how does that affect an existing Contract already in the mechanism? Well since this Government have gone on record as saying they cannot make law retrospective to help property scam victims, you would be correct in thinking that legislative changes after the Contract was signed, stamp duty paid (make it legally binding) and even registered with the Tapu cannot effect existing Contracts. Waiting the inordinate length of time for the PTP did not help matters.

Well according to their Advocate, you would be wrong. Not only are they saying that the Tapu will not accept this Contract, they are saying that a new Contract has to be drawn up and wait for it… they have to pay the Stamp Duty again.

Now doesn’t that sound very TRNC-like, cake and eat it time. Rubbing greedy hands, ‘ohh, look more money’.

You Couldn’t Make It Up

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Never give in – never give up.

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