in Cyprus Today – 13/8/2011

‘Time to save our pennies” – because of the fall of the value of the Turkish Lira against the pound, product prices are expected to rise. The government, in an effort to reduce inflation, are saying they will lower import duties and VAT. Editor: there are troubles ahead.

Water shortage reaching crisis point – washing cars with mains water is apparently one of the reasons for this. However, the Girne Mayor is quoted as saying “we have no problem with metered water use… but we will not tolerate the stealing of mains water.” He cited the case of a person filling a water tanker by bypassing the meter.

Authorities charge construction boss Gary Robb – see NCFP

Multimillion-euro land exchange denied – a TC’s land in Paphos was allegedly “confiscated” without his permission in order to construct a theatre there. The Simerini newspaper alleges that the TC had received 8m euros for 15 donums of land, which he denies. Editor: if this were true then it might be a first.

Sorry folks, this edition is a little short on news.

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