Did the earth move for you too, darling?

An earthquake eh? It was at 35.6192 N – 31.4507E, that’s about 65miles south east of Antalya. Tsunami on the way or haven’t they managed to organize that at such short notice? The magnitude is reported at 5.4 and happened at 08:06:20 on 22.12.09. Needless to say, not a hint of it here in the depths of German winter. Still we at least had a 23°C jump in temperature from Sunday night to Monday morning. This allowed most of the frozen water pipes to burst and do their best to ruin everyone’s Christmas. High season for heating repairs and the house over the road went up in flames on Friday night after the Christmas lights on the balcony short circuited, leaving the poor souls out in the street at -18°C. Good job it wasn’t Saturday night as it was really cold then.

So I digress, let’s get back to that earthquake. I bet it shook a few people up. Maybe now the trade unions will see reason? Buildings will have cracks for real reasons and not just because of the crappy workmanship. Maybe the PCO has been jolted back into action. Just maybe the government might be shaken into becoming ethical and will start righting the wrongs they are currently allowing to happen with impunity.

But as you can see, not all the action was in the eastern Med. So, how was it for you?

Have a great, peaceful and Happy Christmas, take care when opening the Efes (it may have more of a head on it after the shaking). Get safely into the new year and hope to see some of you again soon, happy New Year to you all.

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