Baa baa RoC, have you any money?

Oh dear it would seem that our neighbours across the border are as in deep in the doodoo as we are here in the north. How interesting to read that Moody’s Credit rating Agency have further reduced the credit rating in the RoC to Baa3 ‘a notch above junk.’ I wonder if they are feeling somewhat sheepish about this, three Baa’s and you’re shorn.

Now would that be a black sheep, a white sheep and a grey sheep. Baa baa RoC, have you any money? Sorry but such fodder cannot be resisted.

Never mind look at all those natural resources that are about to make you rich.

Quite ironic that this should come in the middle of this particular Bayram here in the North.

Don’t worry, I am sure the comments section will provide all the other sheepish jokes.

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