Questions are asked in Parliament concerning the Finance Minister’s Akfinans Bank Directorship

This week has been for me a very trying week. You might be forgiven for thinking that given the path I have chosen to tread, in a country whose hierarchy does not allegedly always appreciate any point of view that does not directly agree with theirs, any week here would be trying for me. Well yes, there is that, however this week has been a ‘doozie’. You will recall that on the 19th October I printed an article about my chance finding of a document in which the Finance Minister appeared as a Director of Akfinans Bank Limited – see NCFP.

At that time I fired off draft copies of my article with the evidential documents as attachments to every newspaper on the island I could think of. Strangely, not one of them picked up the story and ran with it, my conclusion being that they were afraid of the Banking Law yet again. I also sent a copy to a Turkish Cypriot friend who also writes and he made better use of the documents. He talked with the Head of his Union who requested that I go meet with him. Now at this point I became extremely frightened and put off the meeting. Events sometimes have a way of taking on a life of their own and in this instance I believe that is what happened. The Union got fed up with me putting them off, handed a copy of the document citing Minister of Finance as a former Director of Akfinans Bank Limited and gave it to a member of the opposition party who asked questions of the Finance Minister in Parliament.

I met with the Minister on the evening of 2nd November to discuss another matter but obviously I took the opportunity to bring up the subject of his Directorship of Akfinans. He told me he had resigned prior to taking up his Parliamentary position. I pointed out to him that being so, he was still a member of the board when the Repossession Order was granted to Akfinans Bank Limited and he must have been aware of the usury rate of interest applied. I also made him aware that I was the member of K5 whose property had forcibly and criminally taken by the Bank and that during the commission of that crime a car had been driven at speed directly at my partner forcing him to jump out of the way. He said he knew of this and that it was very wrong. He did not however mention the exchange that taken place that day in Parliament on the subject of his former Directorship. Imagine my surprise then, when the next day Afrika Newspaper carried the headline ‘Omaldi Ersin Bey’ which roughly translated means ‘Inappropriate Mr. Ersin’ and although I do not speak Turkish, I am told it carried the whole story of the Directorship revelation in Parliament. I am aware that prominent persons do become Directors of such institutions and consider that the Minister acted properly in resigning before entering Parliament.Where I do have some difficulty is in the fact that Kulaksiz 5 approached this Minister for help with the Akfinans problem. K5 poured their hearts out to him, told him of future plans and was very open with him. It is just a pity that he had not returned that openness by making them aware of his former connection with the Bank, their enemy. He did not give them the opportunity to decide whether telling him so much was appropriate. It was thought at one time that my laptop might be being accessed and information gleaned that way.

The reasoning was that since the Police had my previous laptop in their possession, a way may have been found to access information via my old laptop. The Bank seemed to be aware of every move we were about to make. You may wonder where I obtained the copy of the damning document. Here again, fate took a hand. I have been and still am very unhappy that having won a Breach of Contract award, having had the Judge Court Order the Tapu to sell the assets covered by the Court Memorandum securing that award, the Tapu appear to be dragging their feet. For this reason I raised my concern to a friend that my Advocate was adamant that the Tapu could not be chased. So, on my behalf he visited my Advocate to voice my concerns. This had the affect of causing my Advocate to ‘sack’ me, saying she could no longer represent me because the trust between us had broken down (do not laugh).

Eventually I obtained my files (plural) from my former Advocate. One of the files related to the case I had mounted to to try to Appeal the Repossession Order granted to Akfinans Bank on 20th November 2008, the order that carries the infamous 80% per quarter compound interest rate, said to have been reduced by the Judge from 250%. In that file was the damning document. Clearly my Advocate had intended to use it in the Appeal , had we not been thwarted in a way I have always been suspicious about. See this article detailing the events – NCFP. I have always believed I was hoodwinked over this and could never understand why my Advocate did not challenge this decision. The excuse that I did not need two remedies for one problem was always flawed. At that time I had not received ONE remedy and today the situation has only changed in as much as I now have neither the money nor the villa. Strangely though, if the case had been allowed to progress even a little further, the document would have been entered into the court as evidence and I would never have found it.

I am led to believe that Afrika Newspaper published a personal letter from the Minister of Finance on Friday. In that letter, allegedly the Minister expresses his belief that the houses still belong to the original owners and not the Bank. Small consolation to me and Eva McCluskey whose villas they have already taken and indeed they use mine as a weekend retreat. He allegedly says he was under pressure when he visited me on Wednesday evening. It would also seem that K5 have garnered much support from the representatives in Parliament and indeed from the Unions. The Unions are also offering me their protection. Let us I hope I shall not need it.

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