I Accuseth Thee!Yesterday I was accused of using North Cyprus Free Press as my on gripe pages.   I sincerely hope this is not true.  I certainly do not aspire to use it as such, but the accusation got me to thinking.

In amongst all the bad, sad news about the property market I have tried to inject articles of interest and humour.You met my good friend Charles the Chameleon who performs his high wire act at Sam’s place.  He is hibernating now but expects to be back by popular demand in the Spring.  I am sure you remember Dolores, the Spanish dancing, multi-lingual talking donkey and her son Del.  Dolores is due to give birth any day now, to Rio her son or daughter.   She has promised to phone when the birth takes place, she will use her ear to punch the numbers on her mobile. I acquainted you with the bird life in my garden and my next door neighbour’s crazy dog who steals anything that isn’t nailed down and then buries it, now, where is Chris? I have introduced you to some of the eateries I frequent, where in my opinion, the food is good and very reasonably priced.

I took you through the Court appearances by Geoff and there I did get myself into ‘hot water’ by my style of writing.   Suffice to say I do not expect ever to have my laptop back.   With regard to the summons and eventually finding out what I am charged with, it seems I have to wait and see.

I took you on a trip down memory lane to 1969 when I met my Dad for the first and sadly the last time.

I do try to cover every aspect of the property problems from mortgages to shoddy building to lack of amenities.  I have to confess this is the reason I started writing on NCFP but now I do it because I want to support Malcolm in return for his support and also I do enjoy it.

I am a blogger and not a journalist.

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