Two Stop the Blackmails Must Be Better Than One

After several abortive attempts to rejoin Stop the Blackmail, Mr Watson refused to reinstate Pauline Read quoting a message in a post by pollymarples asking how to leave the group. Of course as usual he has an excuse for every action he takes. So he removed Pauline Read. He did offer to reinstate her but only on lots of conditions, now why would she or should she submit to Blackmail? Those who saw the comment will attest to the fact that polly just asked how it was done, confirmed she wasn’t a member anyway and at no time asked anyone to remove Pauline Read.

The Original Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus facebook group is the one Pauline Read has just restarted. Yes restarted. Whilst perusing a little this morning, it occurred to Pauline that the original page was still open. Imagine her surprise when she discovered that not only was it open but SHE was the only remaining member. She has no idea how this happened but believing as she does, that sometimes a greater power takes a hand, she was not going to miss this opportunity. The only reason she can find for this site being abandoned was the fact that there was a slight spelling mistake in the title, this was corrected and VOILA, the original Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus facebook group was reborn.

All avenues to rejoin the other group had been exhausted. Everyone knows that Pauline Read, although not the originator of the idea, stayed with it when John Good/Nigel Watson abandoned it because it was not growing fast enough for him/them. She put out News Releases, did lots of articles on NCFP and got other media cover, she literally took the group and grew it member by member. She rallied the members, got them interested and kept them interested. Of course as history shows, John/Nigel returned and she welcomed them with open arms and immediately at the request of John Good returned his Admin status to him.

Though some will accuse her of being divisive, that could not be farther from the truth. She refuses to dwell on the betrayal she was exposed to and wants only to look to the future and do what she does best, help people by highlighting their plight. She does not believe in censorship, NCFP will still link to the original group and feels shamed by her former colleagues behaviour in treating such a staunch and loyal ally so shabbily. Any other news outlet will be welcome to too, no conditions. The only proviso is that it be property scam related. Any members point of view will remain undeleted as long as it not a threat or in some way illegal

The pity of this is because of the totalitarian attitude of the present admin on the other facebook page, members there will not be able to read this. Censorship is ugly and unnecessary and the beginning of the end.


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