Russian Warships In Cyprus First Time For 10 Years

Smetlivyy in Sevastopol – 2007

Ships from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet may be testing the water by docking in the Limassol port in Cyprus for the first time in 10 years. The Russian frigate Smetlivy docked on Sunday at 9.30am, apparently to re-supply with food and water and rest its crew before heading off to some nearby port, possibly Syria where Russia has a naval base at Tartus, its only naval facility outside of the former Soviet Union.

Since the uprising in Syria, a number of countries have increased their presence in the eastern Mediterranean, including the US, UK, France and Germany. It is believed Russia is seeking to do the same although it is a mystery why they would bother docking in Cyprus when a few miles away they have a perfectly good place to dock. That is unless they wanted payback time from their good friends south Cyprus for the money they’ve given to them. No strings attached of course.

Russia’s other best friend, Syria, is alleged to have recently used chemical weapons against their own people. Oh what a tangled web is being weaved here, in my opinion of course.

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