The Original Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Group

Anti corruption… anti cronyism,.. anti bullying… anti nepotism… not afraid to stand up and be counted in North Cyprus. Started Tuesday 17th July 2012

“This is a young group, just over two months old, our aim is to be listened to, our objectives to obtain justice by whatever means are necessary, even if we have to embarrass the ‘powers that be’ into doing the right thing, the laws are there, they are not being enacted and the corrupt are misusing and misinterpreting them to their advantage, this has to be stopped and we intend to do all we can to obtain JUSTICE for all property victims. We are not prepared to be silenced because it rocks the boat. Whatever needs saying will be said, Whatever needs doing will be done. Never give in never give up. 

Together we mean something. Never give in, never give up.”

I wrote the above on the 14th September 2012 to give a clearer picture of just what our Original STBINC group is all about.

We make no extravagant claims. We will talk to anyone who can offer us some hope for all the victims of property scams in North Cyprus. Sadly and for the past three years plus that this Government have held office, they have proved beyond any reasonable doubt, they do not want to know. I have been accused of insulting and ridiculing the present Government which is just not true. What I have done is point out the many promises that have been made and broken.

I have been taken to task for my close connection with North Cyprus Free Press, unlike others I do not run with the hares and hunt with the hounds. NCFP have consistently supported all the efforts of campaigners for justice and initially the other STBINC group and CAC took every advantage of this ongoing support and indeed through me now have reasonable membership numbers. I started the CAC group and virtually put the first 1000 members on single handedly. Everyone will remember the countless hours I spent growing the other STBINC group too. When I left that group the membership was in excess of 2450, on the 28th July it was 2527 and today it is 2533.

We are not interested in their numbers, nothing much is happening and the policy of censorship and deletion will not gain friends and influence any one. Today, less than three months after inception, our membership stands a 1,490 and remember, on the first day I found this page with only one member – me.

We have a lively group with lots of news from our links with North Cyprus Free Press. We have members able to express themselves in their posts, maybe we don’t all agree with what is said, but we are able to discuss our differences, we do not need someone to think for us.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the members and assure them that wherever and whenever I get a chance to make our voice heard, I will do it. I have been accused of being rude during meetings, this is not true, and these accusations have never been levelled at me by people I have met with. Yes I will make my point, but I will do it like a civilised polite human being. However I will also disagree when I feel that the person I am speaking with is wrong.

From emails I have received I know there are some dissatisfied ‘clients’ from CAC. All I can advise is that before you part with your money think hard, and do not pay all that is asked from you up front. Remember, if you have been unsuccessful in chasing your goal, then that one person who knows that elusive answer may well be what you want to hear, but it may not necessarily be the truth. If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, chances are ‘it is a duck’.

We can grow, we can make a difference in North Cyprus but we can only do that together.

Never give in, never give up.

Pauline Ann Read
The Cartwheel Expert
Your Caretaker

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