The Original STBINC – Some of Our Current Cases


Since restarting the the Original Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus I have been helping victims quietly in the background. Obviously every victim is traumatised and would like a quick result. This is not possible in north Cyprus because the villain is always convinced they are right and everyone else is wrong. There seems to be an attitude that to oppose them is totally unreasonable. Contracts are often totally ignored and those who joined in with you as signatories are astounded that you actually expected they would honour it.

In one case we will have a minor success in, the victims’ furniture is locked inside a property but after intervention hopefully now it will be given back soon. The police had to be involved to achieve this and will accompany the victims whilst they remove it. Let us pray that the villain does not have a change of heart before removal is achieved. The villain of this piece truly frightens me, the look in his eyes is pure evil. I find myself praying when I am talking to him.

Another case, the details of which, I am not at liberty to discuss with you, will involve legal proceedings but the Advocate, and I saw no reason that they should change their Advocate, is all fired up and ready to go. Sometimes all that is need is a little judicious leaning on. It is often not in the client’s long term interest to change the Advocate especially as they know the case really well. Unfortunately, there are occasions when a change is the only way forward. I did have a very productive and amicable meeting with this Advocate yesterday and I have to say the clients and the Advocate are in agreement on the way forward.

I do not expect miracles to occur and we all should be mindful that there is not a ‘one way cure all ills’ remedy. As long as my health and strength will permit, I will help where I can. I will not accept any financial gain and as long as everyone understands that, I am happy. I realise my role has to remain purely advisory, a) to stay on the right side of the law and b) because my advice is purely that of a fellow victim. I am not legally trained, I do not speak Turkish and I do have my own property problems.

The Original STBINC group resumed only very recently, we are growing and hopefully will continue to provide a platform where victims can voice their grievances (often therapeutic), can perhaps supply help and encouragement to each other and in doing so often see things from a different perspective.

Our group is apolitical, secular and serves a need. You will not be censored or have posts deleted unless they are unlawful. Your opinion is as valid as anyone else’s.

Can I remind you once again, a book including a compilation of property victims cases, needs your story. If you are willing to participate, please contact me or NCFP. This book will be published WORLDWIDE.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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