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North Cyprus Property News concerning Sarcon Homes leaves one wondering if the current government is aware of how embarrassing they are beginning to look. The Cyprus Star has doggedly pursued their attempts to allow an Israeli developer’s plans to build an 18 storey block of apartments which will sit between the sea and the 250 villas on the Sarcon Homes site.

Leaving aside the fact that the Sarcon villa owners had contracts saying nothing would be built between them and the sea, there are three reasons that the development was finally stopped from progressing.

Firstly, the development is too close to the sea. Despite what a report said, once government officials were forced to attend a remeasuring of the development’s distance from the sea it was obvious that it was illegal on that count.

Secondly, there was no access. It was argued that the government had given land to the development company but eventually it was proved that there was no transfer of access land.

Thirdly, an environmental report was positive about the new development but this was discovered to be full of lies.

Despite this the development was given full permission by Hasan Baltigil but he was subsequently sacked for taking bribes in a different case.

You would think that would be the end of it, and for the moment it is, but somehow there is a feeling that this matter will be regularly resurrected until a situation arises where legitimate legal reasons for the development not going ahead can be ignored.

Source: Cyprus Star 17/8/2012

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