Stop The Blackmail Prevents Response to Lies

I know that Pauline has moved on from wasting her energy on Stop the Blackmail but, in order to lay the issue to rest, I felt the need to make sure that truth isn’t a victim in this dispute. On the STBINC FaceBook Forum, any criticism of ‘John Good”s view of what happened has been prevented by both Pauline and NCFP Editor, Malcolm Channing, having their membership cancelled without their permission.

John Good: “After recent events I would like to apologise for the disruption to the group. Without consultation Pauline Read removed herself and Pembe from the admin team. I restored Pembe to the Admin Team. Unfortunately Pembe then deleted Pauline from the group. This was reversed by myself within a few hours. Pembe was spoken to and agreed not to repeat the action. This resulted in Pauline contacting members of the admin team telling them she had been kicked out of the group!

Pauline Read is NO longer a member of the admin team and has no authority to speak for and on behalf of North Cyprus Facebook Group “Stop the Blackmail”.

I thank her for her efforts is promoting the group and I wish her well as it is clear her recent injuries, the heat and the stress of the situation she is in is taking its toll on her.

No doubt Pauline will do what she is best at.

What now for stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus?

I aim to taken this group forward in a positive and constructive way trying to help and find solutions to property problems here in the TRNC.

It is my belief this can only be done by working with people, institutions and N.G.O’s in a mutually respectful manner without attacking maligning or ridiculing them.”

Pauline Read is no longer a member because I believe she was removed by John Good after he saw a post by ‘pollymarples’ on NCFP explaining that she wouldn’t know how to leave the group even if she wanted to. Nowhere did she state that she wanted to leave, she was only explaining that she did not have the technical knowledge to do so. ‘John Good’ jumped at this opportunity to remove a critic who would see through his veil of lies.

Despite many protests from members, John Good will not reinstate her unless she makes certain undertakings to him. She is not prepared to do this, she will not be blackmailed.

This morning Pauline Read inboxed Nigel Watson who is John Good.

Pauline Read: “To read what pollymarples (Pauline Read) wrote in a post on NCFP, she was enquiring on how to leave, she did not say Pauline wanted to leave STBINC, overstepping the mark as usual and enjoying every minute, well power has its limitations you know. Might need a lift to the airport, know anyone?”

Nigel Watson: ” you continue with your tirade and threats is fine there will be no links to NCFP on the facebook group. dark days ahead david davis is a pussy cat!”

Pauline Read does not know anyone named David Davis, but she recognises a threat when she receives one.

How fortuitous that she had such a nasty fall at such an opportune time for Mr Good. Does anyone think it would have been different if she had not? I think she has been patronised by better.

Pauline Read demotes herself and Ms. Ibrahim, without consulting Mr Good (was she not the same status as him?) then Ms. Ibrahim is reinstated to Admin, then bans Pauline Read for life, Ms Ibrahim is spoken to… pardon me, but why wasn’t Pauline Read spoken to and asked why she demoted herself and Ms Ibrahim. Rhetorical question.

How well it has all worked out for the remaining two admins. Mr Watson can ban all links to NCFP on such a nefarious excuse when we all know he is just eliminating competition to his own online news source. Whatever other reason he gives is rubbish. Ms Ibrahim can plumb the membership of STBINC for clients for CAC, which we all know does nowt for nowt.

My advice to Pauline Read would be to let them get on with it. Their work ethic was never the same as yours. The time they put it was never as much as yours. You know you are better off without them. In the fullness of time the members will see this. Time is a great leveller.


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