Stop The Blackmail Has Banned Pauline Read for her Views

Well today I wake up to the first morning as a ‘banned for life’ former administrator, committee member and member of Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus. Strangely I also woke up one morning about an year ago to find myself member and admin without actually seeking it. Since I thought it a brilliant idea, and still do, I lived with it.

I will admit that I actually did remove the admin title myself but remained a member of the group. Simply because I did, and still do believe in its aims.

It’s originator John Good who had the idea, it grew and is now extremely successful.

I am being constantly in-boxed by friends who are very disturbed at the comments being posted about me and my lack of response. Well, responding is not an option if you cannot even access the page. However, please do not panic. The concept is still good and as with everything in this life, we get tested from time to time. Censorship is being applied and any pro-Pauline comments immediately deleted. That in itself is a success.

It would be easy to say, to hell with them, but that would be wrong. Those of you who know me, know the truth. Anything else is a poor imitation.

My message, stick with it folks, do not leave the group, there is unity in numbers. This is a good cause, it will self right. There is God in this world.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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