Ercan Airport was part of the Tymvios land swap deal

It looks as if the Tymvios land swap has more implications than it first seemed.

The Greek Cypriot land involved in the swap includes the Ercan airport site. It is now being argued that the airport has taken one step further towards being able to be recognised. With that comes the possibility of direct flights. There will still be the obstacle of the Chicago Convention which makes the south the internationally recognised controller of air traffic but after the fallout from the south’s EU Presidency, who knows what will happen.

With 27 Turkish Cypriot owned donums in the south being swapped for 550 Greek Cypriot donums in the north the whole of the north could potentially become legally owned on the basis of swapping. As the north is unrecognised, the value of the land there will always be cheaper. How can any future land swap case be different from this swap? This paves the way for a lot more of these deals in the future, in my opinion.

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