Pauline Read Thinks She Can Have Her Court Award and Her Villa Back


‘Pauline Read is so stupid she thinks she can have her court award and her villa back too.’ Now where did I first hear that, oh I know it was in an article faxed to Kibris Gazetesi in August 2010 by Akan Kursat Advocate for Akfinans Bank Limited.

Now ‘nastynige’ is trying to resurrect the same old chestnut. I think I explained very clearly the truth back in August 2010 and again yesterday here on NCFP. I would like, not expect, to get my money awarded to me by the court when I won my BREACH OF CONTRACT action on the 6th November 2009, almost three years ago.

‘nastynige’ says, and I quote “But alas it is I was shown documentation of her demanding her demanding money back and documentation of a court judgement where she has been awarded a sum but this has not yet been paid out!” Well, well, well, the Bank went along that track and nastynigel attended a meeting where he claims he was shown such documents about ME. Right, produce them nastynige, or tell us where you saw them so that we can ask for the very good friend of your co- admin to produce them. Perish the thought, has nastynige been meeting with the ***DELETED*** BANK? Discrediting me has been tried by experts nastynige, you think you can prove I am some sort of greedy grasping woman and help the government to discredit me, you know the government who has done nothing to help victims during its term of office. Now why do you think they want me quietened, go on nastynige, you can work that one out surely? I guess not, you cannot even work out when you are being used. By the way nastynige, the court award document has appeared on NCFP many times so not exactly a state secret.

Nigel, nigel, nigel stop looking at the 38DD brown eyes and engage your brain. No one gets paid twice. Nice though that would be. She thought she could control me and my writing, when she found she could not, possibly having promised her good friend she could, she had to get rid of me and sever all connection to NCFP because try as she might, she could not control the free press either. Kicked off the CAC, kicked off the other stbinc, she thought she had succeeded. Oh dear then the good Lord intervened and led me to the abandoned Original STBINC and well, the rest is history.

If someone turned up tomorrow with a cheque for the £120,000 plus 4% interest I would gladly accept it, but I know that then I would have to abandon my court cases and release the memorandums on Kulaksiz assets. Unlike you nastynige, I have a fully functioning brain.

I do hope that Nigel Watson does get justice as I do for every property scam victim. In Nigel’s case I hope for the sake of his wife who is a lovely lady.

I have attached the now deleted copies of the venomous thread on North Cyprus Forum last night, I hope the editor will reproduce them, since it is an attack on me, he certainly has my permission.

Pauline Ann Read

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