FaceBook Rules Used to Silence the Truth


It is sad the depths it appears that some will plumb to get what they want. It gets me wondering what they are trying to achieve and why they want to achieve it.  My aim is, and always will be to help those who have been affected by the property market scams here in north Cyprus. Surely they don’t want to stop me exposing these scams?

I had to become a victim myself before I realised just how bad the situation was. Everyone knows my situation so I won’t go through the details again.

To silence me seems to be the aim of those who do not like what I say. Oh, how I would like never to have to say anything again, but alas until justice is given to all victims, I will speak out against injustice.

Truth, is all that really matters and truth is the ultimate weapon. So when I discovered that I had been reported to FaceBook for alleged violations of their rules I was surprised. Inviting friendship from people I do not know is such a heinous crime and such hypocrisy by the person reporting me. I only ever invited those I had a lot of mutual friends with, simply because surely that is how FaceBook works? Now I am accused of sending messages to people I don’t know.

I’m not that up with technology but I thought that I could only invite people who were on my friends list? They might not like being a member of STBINC and may delete their membership but I only invited ‘friends’ in the FaceBook sense. As for sending messages to people I don’t know, how ridiculous! That’s what happens when someone I don’t know personally is introduced by one of my friends, for example. They start getting emails of posts on STBINC. It seems I’m being accused of doing exactly what FaceBook has been set up to do!

The reason for banning me for 30 days is given as some of my messages have been reported as spam. What a crock! We all know that this is yet another attempt to SILENCE me and using any weapon they can and it looks as if FaceBook has fallen for it! Perhaps Twitter is the way to go? Twitter has a reputation for supporting freedom of speech.

All I can say is, if this level of malevolence is being thrown at me, I must be doing something very right.

Pauline Ann Read


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