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Popular Science News – a Search Engine is sometimes taken for-granted. You want to find a ‘North Cyprus Hotel’ so you type that phrase into Google (60% do) or Yahoo (15%) or Bing (15%) and look at the first page of links that appear. You trust that the top 10 links are the ones you wanted, but are they?

Google gives you this

but both Bing and Yahoo has no mention of www.kyreniahotels.co.uk until much later, after the first page of results. This is because Google is set up in order to select websites according to a secret set of rules. Unfortunately, these rules can be changed to leave out any results that Google doesn’t feel are suitable. Their most current set of rules makes sense. If you search for the film ‘Bambi’ any results leading to illegal downloads are left out. But what if Google decides to support the Democrat party at the next election and secretly changes search results to show Republicans in a bad light? How would we know?

Anyway, type ‘north cyprus property victims’ into Google and the entire first page is devoted to NCFP articles so they can’t be that bad can they?

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