NCFP Consumer | Cheapest Return Flight | North Cyprus – UK

NCFP Consumer | Cheapest Return Flight | North Cyprus - UKHaving been told that because of the collapse of Cyprus Airways flying from the south would be much more expensive than from the north I decided to test this theory. I took an arbitrary date, Saturday 28th February – 7th March 2015, and looked for the cheapest flight into London. I assumed that traveling south would cost extra but the cost would be shared between two passengers.

From the South

Ryanair: Paphos – London Stansted – price £65 (estimated £165 with luggage and extra cost of travel to Paphos)

The times were reasonable but the drive/taxi to and from Paphos was not and then you have to add another £40+ for a suitcase to be placed in the hold.

From the North

Pegasus: Ercan – Stansted – price £183

Pegasus was the cheapest but mysteriously the £166 quoted turned to £183 when you booked it and hidden fees were added. The same did not apply to Turkish Airlines and the £198 quoted includes food and drink but the departure time is 04:30. The flight time is about 2hrs longer plus you have to change planes with the danger of missing your connection.

NCFP Choice – Ryanair or Pegasus

Ryanair is cheaper but with a longer travel time than Pegasus overall when you include driving to Paphos Airport. South or North very little to choose between them.

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1 comment to NCFP Consumer | Cheapest Return Flight | North Cyprus – UK

  • fluter

    No contest for me. Pegasus are awful, I would never fly with them again.