Cyprus Problem | UN Staying For Another 6 Months

Cyprus Problem | UN Staying For Another 6 MonthsYesterday, the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) had its operations extended until 31st July 2015. This is one of the longest running UN missions still in operation. The resolution was unanimously adopted but Council members called on both sides to implement confidence-building measures and move towards the establishment of “mutually-acceptable steps,” including military confidence-building measures and the opening of crossing points that, they added, could potentially “contribute to a conducive environment for a settlement.”

Reminds me of King Canute trying to hold back the tide. In his case he was trying to show that even a king could not prevent the sea taking its natural course. Certainly UNFICYP doesn’t seem to believe what it has to say is important. On its website¹ the news section only goes up to 2013, with only five news releases that year and none for 2014. Looks like an organisation in the process of closing down and letting things take their natural course.



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16 comments to Cyprus Problem | UN Staying For Another 6 Months

  • Ian Edwards

    Membership of UNFICYP is nothing more than a junket, and has been for at least 20 years. All they manage to accomplish these days is to plant geraniums and paint old cars.

    Peacekeeping? Give me a break. the only real peacekeeping force on the island is the Turkish army.

  • Miltiades

    The aussie clown as per usual comes along with rubbish.#
    Get back to your shed you stupid ill educated aussie peasant !!

  • fluter

    Sadly, despite your usual torrent of abuse, Ian is correct.

    Where is your reasoned argument against his post?

    Waiting for next illiterate post form the ill-educated fool…….

  • Miltiades

    I shall not enter into a ” reasonable” debate with illiterate fools such as you and Ian.

    You have earned my utter and irrevocable contempt.

  • Polly Marples

    Till the next time……

  • fluter

    Trust me you GC clown, I and others have nothing but the utmost contempt for you and others of your ilk.

    From your constant idiotic posts, I would say that we are all far more intelligent than you.

    You do not enter into reasonable debate because you are simply incapable of so doing.

  • Miltiades

    Low down cheapskates move into the OCCUPIED parts of MY Birth country, throw their pathetic support behind the occupier and expect me to have an intellectual debate with them !!!
    You are all far to senile to merit an intelligent debate.

  • fluter

    See plonker, not all of us moved into your so-called birth country.

    I certainly don’t throw my support behind the occupier, I cannot abide Turkey or its inhabitants.

    So, time to grow up and start thinking instead of slanging.

    How would you have felt if the “occupiers” had been Greeks? If things had gone a different way they might well have been.

  • Miltiades

    Ask a stupid question !!!
    The vast majority of Cypriots are Greek speaking, Christians, share similar culture and values so there is no question of Greek occupiers you stupid senile old fool.

    Turkey is a progressively advancing Islamic nation, first came to Cyprus in 1571 and occupied Cyprus, did you know this irrefutable historical fact you great big baboon ?
    Now, its Saturday today, time for your weekly bath !

  • AM

    Don’t really understand why he comes on here !

    Makes himself look a total pillock and i am convinced he is a huge embarrassment to his fellow GC,s that’s why sensible ones stay well away from here they simply do not wish to be associated with this cretin.

  • fluter

    And he dashes off his tripe without even reading my post!

    Did you not see what I said about turkey?

    You have a brain full of biassed crap and not an original thought therein.

    You are one very sad person, and why on earth you even come on this board is a mystery to me.

    Am – I’m sure your last sentence is correct.

  • Miltiades

    I have read your post, now read mine.

    SIX years before the Turkish INVASION, there was no conflict between G/Cs and T/Cs. Turkish Cypriot sources put the number of T/C casualties from January 1968 to July 1974 at 33, where as G/C sources put the number at 3.

    The Turkish invasion caused the death of more than 5000 Cypriots, hundreds missing, more than 160,000 displaced and an IDIOT like you refers to Turkey as the …peace keeper.

    Both you and the other illiterate peasant are oblivious of historical facts, you poke your dirty noses in matters that you know little or nothing. I come on the NCFP, courtesy of Malcolm, who allows me by not banning me, the opportunity to challenge stupidity and ignorance as exhibited clearly by many including you.

    Freedom of speech is well respected by Malcolm who permits me to challenge you lot regardless of how utterly ignorant you lot are on matters surrounding the CYPROB.

  • Ian Edwards

    Yiannis, your boring, repetitive “six years before the Turkish invasion yada yada yada…..” has no point. The invasion occurred because of the attempted Greek military coup, and Turkey, as one of the guarantors, was not only allowed, but obliged, to invade and defend against it.

    Sadly, in an invasion and the defence against it (it’s called war) nasty things inevitably happen, but the Turkish troops had an obligation to get to Nicosia and defeat the coupists.

    Where is any of that historically incorrect?

  • Miltiades

    Turkey had the right, along with Britain and Greece to intervene. Turkey had no legal right to occupy and continue to do so and in the process turkify the northern parts of Cyprus.
    One fundamental reason why the international community, including the Islamic one, have thus far refuse to recognise Turkeys creation of the so called “trnc”.

  • Jerry

    ” but the Turkish troops had an obligation to get to Nicosia and defeat the copyists” that may be so but the Junta and Sampson regime collapsed on 24th July a mere four days after the invasion. On August 14th Turkey, having built up its forces on the island, conquered 40% of the island. Far from protecting the Turkish Cypriots that event triggered the massacre of hundreds of Cypriots and the expulsion of 180,000 Greek Cypriots from their homes. Turkey could have negotiated with the Greek Cypriots but it chose to execute its long-standing plan of taking back the island.

    Most carpetbaggers are suckers for “trnc” propaganda.

  • Ian Edwards

    So, whaddayareckon, Jerry?

    Yours is better than theirs?